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August 17th, 2006

Chamomille Lotion

155 g Chamomille Hydrosol
10 g Aloe Vera
25 g Rice Bran oil
20 g Almond oil
15 g E-wax
15 g Shea or Mango Butter (I use refined)
4 g castor oil
4 g jojoba oil
15 g stearic acid
1 g Vit. E
Preservative of choice (I used Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate)
Fragrance to suit.

Heat hydrosol and aloe vera to 170 degrees. This kills any bacteria, mold or fungus present.
Melt the oil and butter components and stir well. Allow hydrosol and aloe to cool to about 150 F.
Combine hydrosol and butter/oils and mix well. Keep stirring occasionally till the mixture reaches
about 100 F. A stick blender is useful for this. Add your preservative and Vit. E. Add your fragrance
or essential oils now and mix well. Do not be concerned if the lotion is not thick. Bottle or transfer
to a clean container immediately as the lotion thickens on standing.

This Basic Formula can be tweaked for making many other herbal/botanical infusions, and other additives.
Always follow basic sanitary precautions. I use spray alcohol, wipe counters with a mild bleach solution,
use paper towels and disposable utensils.

Tip: If you would like to add color or fragrance at a later date, add lotion to a Ziploc bag then add color or
fragrance. Close. Mix together well with your hands on the outside of the bag. Cut a small corner off and
this makes a very convenient way to add to your bottles/jars.

Irena J

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